Matytsyn is again called Fedun’s successor in Spartak. What is known about him

Grigory Telingater

Grigory Telingater

Leonid Fedun and Alexander Matytsin

He has been with Spartak since 2004, but does not talk about it publicly.

Leonid Fedun is the most criticized football club owner in Russia. He has been leading the team since 2004, and during this time the team won the championship and the Russian Cup only once. Against the background of questionable statements and the management of the club by his wife, some fans are waiting for news of Fedun’s departure.

The last two months this topic has been discussed most actively. Including after the words of Fedun himself, who, after winning the Russian Cup, said that his cycle was closed. It sounded like Fedun hinted at his departure. Nothing was officially said about this, but the media, citing their sources, continue to talk about Alexander Matytsyn as the new boss of the club.

Alexander Matytsin

Alexander Matytsin

Photo: RIA Novosti

Now the popular Telegram channel KB Telega, citing its sources, claims that Fedun will no longer manage the club. He has already denied this information. According to Fedun, this is “nonsense.” Let’s see if there will be changes, because the “Championship” in the same way receives signals that in the event of Fedun’s departure, power in the club will pass to Matytsyn. Although this may turn out to be a formal reshuffling, which is associated with sanctions. The head of the ProSports Management agency, German Tkachenko, argued that the sanctions would certainly entail changes in the shareholder structure.

In any case, let’s figure out what kind of person can become the chairman of the board of directors of Spartak. Here is what is known about Alexander Matytsyn.

• In 1984 he graduated from the Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University. He became a candidate of economic sciences. He has an MBA from the University of Bristol.

• Matytsyn worked in finance in government structures (from 1984 to 1992) and worked as general director of the Russian representative office of the auditing company KPMG (from 1992 to 1997).

• Since 1997, Matytsyn has been a Vice President of Lukoil. Since 2017, he has been First Vice President of PJSC LUKOIL.

• In the public domain, you can find a lot of interviews with Matytsyn about Lukoil and the oil-related business. However, it is not possible to find his statements about Spartak. And this is despite the fact that he has been on the board of directors of the club since 2004, like Fedun. Then “Kommersant” called him the chairman of the board of directors of the club, based on the reporting of “Lukoil” for the first quarter of 2004.

• Probably Matytsyn is a hidden co-owner of Spartak. This information was confirmed to the “Championship” by two sources. According to SPARK-Interfax, the shareholders are Citizen of Russia (1), Capital Assets and Sport-Holding. Forbes reported that the last two structures are controlled by Vagit Alekperov and Leonid Fedun through a chain of companies.

• In 2004, Matytsyn was named Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the LUKOIL Champions League, which unites children’s football teams from the countries of the former USSR.

• When Shaimil Gazizov filed a lawsuit against Spartak, Matytsyn was also listed as a third party.

• Honored Economist of the Russian Federation. He was awarded, among other things, the medal of the Order of Merit for the Fatherland, II degree, the Order of Honor.

• Author of the monograph “Vertical Integration: Theory and Practice” and “Integration and Disintegration of Russian Oil Companies”.

What do you think, will the club get better if Matytsyn still replaces Fedun? Share your opinion in the comments!

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