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Who is Maxim Mayorov – the son of Vasily Koshechkin, information about the hockey player, why Lokomotiv signed him


Will there be a new star goalkeeper in Russia? What Lokomotiv saw in Koshechkin’s son

Ekaterina Vasilevich

Maxim Mayorov is almost as tall as his father, and very promising.

Every transfer window is an occasion for new faces in the league. Legionnaires come (but nothing is clear with them now), new players rise from the youth team, sometimes even Russians who have never played here at an adult level return from Europe or North America. Today is about youth – Lokomotiv signed goalkeeper Maxim Mayorov. The son of Vasily Koshechkin, who played only six months in the youth league and without experience in the VHL, was taken to further education by the Yaroslavl club. Let’s talk about Bocharov’s competitor (at least in the future, at the most in the fall).

Prokhorkin – in SKA, Tolchinsky remained in Avangard. The main thing about the first day of transfers in the KHL

Maxim is 17 years old. Like his father, he began his career in Tolyatti. I spent the last pre-season with the youth team: I played two matches and wasn’t particularly impressed – three goals conceded in just under 60 minutes of playing time. The season began in the junior team “Lada-Vesta”, for which in September he played three games and missed six goals. In the same month, he attracted special attention from the leaders of the Ladya youth team.

The club at the beginning of the season had only one good goalkeeper, and going into the season without a reliable backup is like having a time bomb. The main goalkeeper is not insured either from injuries or from an elementary decline.

On October 1, Mayorov played the first match in the MHL – four minutes at the end of the third period against the quite serious Mammoths of Yugra. Reflected as many as four throws and held on to victory. But the score at that moment was already 6:2 in favor of Togliatti, and there were extremely few chances to lose even with a completely inexperienced goalkeeper. Maxim joined the game immediately. More precisely, the partners turned on: 30 seconds after the replacement of the goalkeeper, “Rook” grabbed the removal. But then the “Mammoths” disturbed Mayorov with only three throws in two minutes and, in general, the majority failed.

The Rook did not make it to the playoffs – but in fairness, I will say that they were only four points short of eighth place. In the course of the season, Maxim took the place of the second, but very reliable gatekeeper – a reliability coefficient of 2.16 and 93.1% of reflected shots in 32 matches. Thus, he outplayed his direct rival, 19-year-old Daniil Zakharov. He spent 42 matches and defended them by a factor of 3.06 and reflected 90.6%.

For 32 games in the MHL, he showed himself from various sides: how he created divine saves …


… and conceded nightmarish goals. More precisely, he literally scored himself.


Of the 32 matches – three games to zero. One of which was with the “Mammoths of Yugra” – the leader of the Eastern Conference at that time. In January, he became the best newcomer of the week in the MHL, and a little later he received the title of the best goalkeeper of the month along with Spartak Pavel Kanaev. During the season, Max was called up to the VHL, but he didn’t manage to play for Lada: there was only a name in the application in place of the second goalkeeper.

Now a new peak is Lokomotiv. According to information from the social network of the goalkeeper’s agent Shumi Babaev, Mayorov received a four-year contract at Lokomotiv. Lada received monetary compensation.

“Koshechkin is a fighter of the 999th test. He can just say: “Today you won’t score on me”

And let’s start talking about daddy’s genes. Mayorov’s height is 198 centimeters – he is only a few crumbs behind in this respect exactly two meters Vasily Koshechkin. He looks like his father both in movement and in style of play. It is believed that a larger goalkeeper is more likely to succeed – it is easier to close the gate with oneself, respectively, it is easier not to miss. The myth is old and destroyed by Khudobin: without hard work on the legs, growth is not such a big helper. Regarding Mayorov, we can now summarize: movement at the gate, technique and reaction are good. And there is room to grow (for example, up to 201 cm) and something to work on.

Maxim Mayorov at the gate of Rook

Photo: hclada.ru

What is the alignment in the Lokomotiv system? Yaroslavl traded the rights to Ilya Konovalov for Dynamo goalkeeper Ivan Bocharov. Dynamo won, but there are questions about Lokomotiv. Bocharov has long needed a shake-up in the form of a change of club, but will it help 100%? It’s been two years since it’s been storming like a child. Eddie Pasquale still occupies the image of a “dark horse”, like all other legionnaires. Of the goalkeepers in Yaroslavl, there is also Daniil Isaev. The second goalkeeper last season spent only 9 games, the Canadian took the rest. Everything that was given – defended decently. The only bad thing is that in recent years, in principle, he played little: both in the KHL and in the VHL. And behind his back, in the meantime, Mayorov’s most direct competitor, Yegor Guskov, grew up.

In general, the Yaroslavl youth team produces two goalkeepers this year: just Guskov and Yegor Gorshkov. But the first one is more interesting. Although he outgrew the MHL, there was still a chance to be drafted. It is unlikely that Isaev will be able to seriously compete with Mayorov, but Guskov is no longer so simple. Maxim beats Egor in height (Guskov’s height is 180 cm) and in goalkeeping performance over the past season, but he is much more experienced: he played in the national team and spent several years in the MHL, and is very stable psychologically, which the goalkeeper simply needs. The only problem is that Guskov is still without a contract.

Refusal of legionnaires and rebuke of the Russian team. Rare press conference of the head of Lokomotiv

Is Lokomotiv in a hurry with the decision to pick up a rather inexperienced goalkeeper? The question is good. This is quite a good investment in the future, perhaps even in the very near future. At the very least, they found a good goalkeeper for Loko, who, after the departure of two main goalkeepers at once, was literally ruined. Will Maiorov be able to compete with Bocharov? A lot of things will become clear and develop in the coming months, but first of all we need to look at the form in which the goalkeepers will approach the preseason. There is always a chance.



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