What to do if you constantly want to sleep in the heat: 5 tips from a doctor

Svetlana Perez

Svetlana Perez

Why do you want to sleep in the heat

They will help you stay productive and focused.

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Why do you want to sleep in the heat? How to fix it?

Why is it so sleepy in the heat


We all know how useful it is to drink clean water, but which of us systematically observes this “ritual” every day? Most people are in a state of mild dehydration almost constantly, and in hot weather this becomes especially noticeable.

Violation of the water-salt balance

With sweat, we lose fluid, as well as salts of potassium, calcium, magnesium. When the electrolyte balance is disturbed, the blood becomes thicker and the heart has to work harder. This means that the whole body consumes more energy, as a result of which you want to rest more.

Acceleration of metabolic processes

Elevated air temperature increases heart rate and metabolic rate. Using various receptors on the skin, the body receives information from the environment and uses it to synchronize internal metabolic processes. Trying to lower the body temperature, the whole body begins to work more intensively. All this quickly depletes the supply of energy, and we feel a breakdown.

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Extra load on the brain

The brain suffers from overheating more than other organs. Remember the movie Sleepless, which came out in 2021? Characters died not from lack of sleep, but from overheating of the brain due to constant work without the ability to sleep. In hot weather, blood rushes to the head, thus cooling the gray matter. The entire body mobilizes by pumping blood and then goes into energy saving mode. Therefore, you may suddenly want to sleep.

Sharp transition from bright sun to dark room

A sudden change in environment can trick the brain into thinking it’s time for sleep. There is a slight failure of circadian rhythms and a partial synthesis of melatonin, the sleep hormone, not when needed.

pressure drop

Expansion of blood vessels at the time of an increase in body temperature leads to a drop in pressure, which causes weakness and drowsiness. Therefore, not only in the hot summer, but even after a sauna, bath or solarium, you want to relax.

By increasing body temperature, losing electrolytes in the process of sweating, the body also loses energy. “Internal water” passes into a gaseous state, its molecules break apart, spending energy resources on this process. The more we sweat, the greater the risk of drowsiness and fatigue.

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What to do to avoid excessive energy consumption

  • Don’t get dehydrated. It is important to drink water before you feel thirsty.
  • Try to go for walks not in the very sun (in the middle lane – before 12:00 and after 16:00, to the south – before 10:00).
  • In the most intense heat, choose loose clothing made from natural “breathable” fabrics (cotton, linen) to go out. Preferably with a long loose sleeve and head protection (hat, bandana, scarf, etc.) and eyes (sunglasses, cap).
  • It is better to cut down on intensive training, especially strength training, ideally go to the pool or work out indoors or during not-so-strong sunny hours.
  • For a walk or just on the road, you can take mineral water with a high content of sodium or salty snacks, nuts – sodium retains water and helps prevent dehydration.

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