Spiders recently announced Greedfall 2: The Dying World. This announcement turned out to be somewhat surprising for a number of reasons, but now it is not so important. The first part turned out to be a solid RPG in the spirit of the best creations of BioWare, but there were also enough shortcomings. To date, the original, of course, can be called the main game of the studio.

GreedFall offered players a unique world with its own rules and laws, as well as a good combat system and an enchanting atmosphere. The project was badly affected by a lack of budget, but in the second part the situation may become better. Especially if Spiders really believes in his game and brings it to mind. Let’s see why it’s still worth waiting for GreedFall 2: The Dying World.

Greed Fall

Greed Fall

1 GreedFall 2 Prequel

Even if you are not familiar with GreedFall, it is still worth taking a closer look at the new part. A prequel awaits us, and their charm is that in order to fully understand everything that happens, it is not necessary to know the original. The story of The Dying World will unfold three years before the events of GreedFall and will tell a new story, which, in turn, will allow you to better understand the original.

Why should you look at the plot? Because one of the strengths of the original is considered to be the story. It turned out to be worthy, with its interesting moments and intrigues. Spiders managed to come up with an unusual story in a unique setting. Something tells me that everything will be fine with the new game, too.

Greed Fall

Greed Fall

However, the developers face a difficult task. It is necessary to give a good (and most importantly, interesting) plot and non-trivially connect The Dying World with the original. You shouldn’t give examples of great prequels, should you? Red Dead Redemption 2 handled this role brilliantly, let the new GreedFall handle it.

2. The sequel will be better

As we all know, you learn from your mistakes. Spiders succeeded in this – each of its new games is noticeably better than the previous one. And GreedFall has definitely become the studio’s magnum opus – at least for now. Most likely, the sequel will make a big jump in quality – maybe what Mass Effect 2 was at the time.

It’s hard to tell from the trailer how GreedFall 2 will differ from the original. We were clearly given to understand that the developers have not lost the atmosphere and spirit, but we simply do not know other details. But you can be sure that Spiders will again produce an excellent RPG that will definitely find its audience.

An important element of the original GreedFall was decision making. In part, the authors did not lie, because in the game it was really necessary to make choices that led to something. Despite this, everything did not turn out the way you wanted, because your decisions did not have a global impact. However, there is one “but”! This is again an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and give out an excellent non-linear RPG.

3. Charismatic friends

There were partners in GreedFall. It was possible to explore locations and fight opponents in the company of a friend-warrior or magician. Surprisingly, the companions turned out to be interesting. They were not annoying, but really helped to solve various problems. But their main feature was charisma and personal mini-quests.

Each of the five partners had their own story. Someone more tragic, someone more funny, but they were all alive. The characters felt real, and this is the most important thing in partners. Moreover, each of the friends gave the hero cool bonuses. For example, legendary equipment or various buffs to health, attack and defense.

This is Siora.  She was one of the most interesting and attractive characters in GreedFall.

This is Siora. She was one of the most interesting and attractive characters in GreedFall.

Spiders was able to motivate players to get partners and learn their stories. It seems that there should be more of this in the new part. More interactions, more personal stories and even more cool features. I almost forgot about the main thing – with every friend in GreedFall you could have a romantic relationship and even sleep. But at the same time, it was also possible to worsen relations with partners so much that they were ready to kill you.

What else do we know about GreedFall 2: The Dying World

Yes, in general, almost nothing – except that we were promised not only to rework the combat system, but to make it completely new. Fights promise to become more tactical.

The Dying World will be released only in 2024 – we still have to wait and wait for the latest news, but the most important thing is that the game should be at all. This is a rather intimate RPG that actually has a lot of problems, but it manages to hook and please players with the most important thing – an interesting story.

Greed Fall

Greed Fall

If you played GreedFall, then tell us about your impressions in the comments, because you want to discuss a good game all the time.

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