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Sergey Pinyaev - 1920, 07/20/2022


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MOSCOW, 20 Jul – The football player of the Samara “Wings of the Soviets” Sergey Pinyaev felt unwell during a training session and is being examined, the information about the 17-year-old midfielder being in intensive care is not true, the club said in a Telegram channel.
“On Tuesday, Sergey Pinyaev felt unwell during a training session. Now the football player is being examined. The information that Pinyaev was taken from training to intensive care, as well as problems with his hand, is not true. The situation is under control of the medical staff. We are waiting for a speedy recovery.” , the message says.
Pinyaev is a graduate of the Chertanovo football club. In 2017, he trained at the English academy of Manchester United. The football player has been representing the Samara club since the summer of 2021. During this time, he played 31 matches for the team, scored four goals and gave three assists.


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