"With such a game, nothing shines for us even in Asia": fans crushed the national team

© / Alexey FilippovFootball. Friendly match. Kyrgyzstan – Russia

Football.  Friendly match.  Kyrgyzstan - Russia - 1920, 24.09.2022

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MOSCOW, 24 Sep – Fans of the Russian national football team did not appreciate the faded game of the team in a friendly match with Kyrgyzstan.
The meeting was held in Bishkek and ended with the victory of Valery Karpin’s team with a score of 2:1. Goals in the Russian national team were scored by Daniil Utkin and Alexander Sobolev, who converted a penalty in the first half. The winning goal was scored two minutes before the end of regular time.
Friendly matches
September 24, 2022 • start at 17:00

one : 2

On social networks, fans mainly scolded the team for playing against not the strongest opponent. But there were also fans who urged not to criticize the national team for a strong-willed victory in a friendly match.
  • “The composition of the second half looked much better. Now we are waiting for the next match and the appearance of Golovin with Miranchuk,” Danil considered.

  • “It may seem strange to some, but the Russian team won a strong-willed victory over Kyrgyzstan, which occupies 95th place in the FIFA ranking,” Dmitry Uvarov was surprised.

  • “When they put on the national team jerseys, they understand what it means? Not playing for almost a year and going out like this? Rolling the ball in their penalty area with the score 0-1 is disrespectful to the game. To hell with us fans, but disrespecting the game …”, – said Olga Degtyareva.

  • “It’s very good that we won. But it was annoying that there were few familiar players in this squad,” Olga Vodneva could not recognize everyone.

  • “It was sad to watch the national team play. Nothing will shine for us in the Asian confederation,” Nikolai Samarovsky felt sad.

  • “A draw would have been a fairer result,” said Dmitry Kolesnikov.

  • “After such a game, they should not be given any respite from mobilization,” Dmitry suggested.

  • “The whole team to the front, they will be more useful there,” Denis Makarov agreed.

  • “What are you whining about? They won. The national team has not played for a long time. Plus, new players have arrived, the national team has not played yet. Now they will play out and the game will go on,” Aleksey Folomkin reassured everyone.

The next time the Russian team will gather in November. Earlier in Bosnia, it was reported that they had agreed to hold a friendly match with the Russian team on November 19 in St. Petersburg.


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