What to buy for autumn women? 5 elements of sport-chic clothing

Naida Saidova

Naida Saidova

What will be fashionable this fall?

Layering is not only a necessary measure, but also the main trend.

Summer was turned off right on schedule, and it’s time for down jackets and sweaters again. I propose to pay attention to the trends of the autumn-winter season, which you can introduce into your wardrobe.

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In autumn, the main attention will be riveted to outerwear, among which there are clear favorites.


If you need to choose one ultra-trend thing of the season, then this is definitely a bomber jacket. His triumphant return to the fashion scene is not to be missed. Choose a bomber jacket with a voluminous silhouette from cropped to below the knee length.

Photo: Gate 31 / Austin

A bomber jacket can be not only made of fabric, but also leather, fur or patchwork, decorated with pockets, feathers, appliqu├ęs.

What to wear? A cropped bomber jacket can be combined with trumpet jeans, wide palazzo trousers and chunky-soled shoes. And elongated – with a miniskirt and over the knee boots.

Puffy vest

An inflated vest is an indispensable thing in the off-season. It can be worn by itself, thrown over a tracksuit, or in multi-layer combinations over a thin down jacket or coat.

Photo: Zarina / Befree

To make the vest look modern, it is better not to tie it with a belt. Of the actual textures – eco-leather or faux fur.

Basic t-shirts and sweaters will help to complement any look. You can find great options in the summer sales. Picked up a few in our material.

5 things under 1000 rubles that will decorate your wardrobe in a sporty style
5 things under 1000 rubles that will decorate your wardrobe in a sporty style

Clothes with pockets

Clothing with pockets in Utility style – this can be a sweater, shirt, jacket or vest. A distinctive feature of the Utility style will be large patch pockets with a flap. The style refers us to the clothes of workers or Wasserman’s vest.

Photo: 12 Storeez / Zarina

In order not to fall completely into a work uniform, such things can be combined with emphatically feminine and sexy things, for example, with a miniskirt or pleated skirt and stilettos.

Varsity sweatshirt

A university sweatshirt or bomber jacket (this type of bomber jacket is called a varsity jacket) will be more relevant than ever. We wear this with cycling shorts or leggings, as if we had just come out of training.

Photo: Lime / Lichi

And in the city you can wear it with jeans or cargo pants. Or play with the university theme and complement the sweatshirt with a pleated miniskirt and loafers with white socks or golfs.


Polo is already a fashionable base, which has migrated from the summer wardrobe to the winter one. Sweaters with a polo collar will perfectly complement a fashionable look with leather items – joggers or a maxi skirt.

Photo: Lime / I am studio

For those who have decided on their wardrobe, we offer to help the male half of your family – in our material, following the link, we sorted out what to look for in the coming fall.

What to buy men this fall.  7 wardrobe items in a sporty chic style
What to buy men this fall. 7 wardrobe items in a sporty chic style

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