Yagudin on the cancellation of Trusova’s master class in Sweden: this is no longer a sport, but pure politics

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MOSCOW, 22 Jul – Olympic champion in figure skating Alexei Yagudin called the cancellation of the master class of Russian figure skater Alexandra Trusova in Sweden a pure policy.
Earlier, the organizing club was forced to cancel the master class of the 2022 Olympic silver medalist Trusova, which was supposed to take place on August 27-28 in Stockholm, after the Swedish Figure Skating Federation announced that joint activities with athletes from Russia and Belarus are contrary to the values ​​of the federation and could damage the reputation of Swedish figure skating.
“Honestly, I’m not surprised. Everything is on the surface. I have always said and will continue to say that this is no longer a sport, but pure politics. But Sasha Trusova will not go anywhere – she is the property of our figure skating and world skating as well. Everyone understands this But the fact that Swedish figure skaters, who are at an incomprehensible level, have lost the opportunity to touch the figure skating star, is not understood in the Swedish federation. Or they understand and simply succumbed to outside pressure, “Yagudin wrote in his Telegram channel.
“But on the other hand, maybe for the better. I remember that Swedish football legend Zlatan Ibrahimovic was harassed in Sweden a couple of years ago. The level of popularity of football and figure skating in Sweden is on different planes, but still, Sasha is a young girl, and it is obvious that even for 5-10 live haters who would meet her there with negative posters, she would not be ready. Perhaps the audience for figure skating in Sweden is more adequate than football,” Yagudin said.
Yagudin believes that figure skating in Sweden is in a state of disrepair and the local federation does not hesitate when it offers sports citizenship to figure skaters from other countries. “I also want to remind the Swedish Figure Skating Federation that figure skating in their country is in a deplorable state. And they didn’t think about any politics when the sons of my first coach Alexander Mayorov competed for them,” the skater added.


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