“I think I lost the case.” The Russians were given an undeservedly small salary in the NHL

Pavel Panyshev

Pavel Panyshev

Yakov Trenin agreed with Nashville

Yakov Trenin plowed for Nashville, and the club decided to save money on him.

Nashville Predators forward Yakov Trenin was one of the last NHL players whose contract dispute with the club was to be resolved by independent arbitration.

The thing is that the predators and the 25-year-old Russian could not amicably agree on financial terms and the term of the new agreement. Yakov asked for a one-year contract for $2.4 million, while the club originally gave a two-year deal with an annual salary of $1.35 million. The difference, as you can see, is quite significant, especially given the large tax.

As a result, by decision of the referee, Trenin received a two-year contract for a total of $ 3.4 million ($ 1.7 million per season). It may seem to someone that a golden mean has been found, as often happens in such matters. However, the hockey player himself does not think so.

Russian talent went to NHL arbitration.  Why Trenin did not agree with the club?
Russian talent went to NHL arbitration. Why Trenin did not agree with the club?

“I am not happy with the decision, I think that we lost the court. Both we and the club had a comparison with one hockey player who was given $ 1.8 million for two years. Our statistics are almost the same, but I have a better game in defense and in the minority, a power game. Therefore, it is strange that they gave less than him. In general, I am upset, because I did not want to bring it to arbitration. But it turned out that they brought it and lost the court.

How was the arbitration? I was connected via Zoom. First, our side performed, then Nashville, each for 45 minutes. Then there was a break. After that, my side denied the statements of the club, and Nashville spoke in their defense. In total, with breaks, it turned out four hours. The decision was supposed to be made within 48 hours after the arbitration, but they asked for another day. After 72 hours there was nothing, I went to bed and saw the news only in the morning.

What do I plan to do now? Play for Nashville. As soon as I get a visa, I will go to America, ”RB Sport quotes Trenin.

On the one hand, the Chelyabinsk player still got an order of magnitude more than what was offered in Nashville. At the same time, Predators general manager David Poyle clearly saved on his far from last player, because the team has no problems with the salary cap, and Trenin himself is a very conscientious hockey player with a real masculine character and fighting qualities.

15 NHL players have already avoided a court hearing.  The fate of Trenin will be decided by arbitration
15 NHL players have already avoided a court hearing. The fate of Trenin will be decided by arbitration

The striker’s statistics are also decent: in the last NHL regular season, Trenin played 80 matches in which he scored 17 goals and gave seven assists with a utility indicator of “+7”. In the playoffs, the Russian spent four games and scored three goals.

The player himself argues correctly: with his work, he clearly deserved to receive a good contract from Nashville. Trenin plowed both in the regular season and in the playoffs, but in the end it was with Yakov for some reason that they decided to unleash this whole story. Of course, all this could not but hurt the athlete himself, which is why he was upset, which is clearly read from his words in an interview.

Yakov Trenin

Yakov Trenin

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But there are also positive aspects. Again, as a result of arbitration, Trenin’s salary nevertheless increased by more than $ 300 thousand compared to what the “predators” initially insisted on. And two years later, when the striker’s new contract with Nashville ends, Yakov will become an unrestricted free agent, he will choose his own club and dictate financial terms.

With such an attitude from the Predators, there is little doubt that the Russian hockey player will decide to look for a new team. This will be absolutely logical and the right thing to do.

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