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Zagitova told how Tutberidze kicked her out of training after she received fractures

© / Alexander Wilf / Go to photo bankEteri Tutberidze and Alina Zagitova

MOSCOW, 27 Jul – Olympic figure skating champion Pyeongchang Alina Zagitova said that Eteri Tutberidze once kicked her out of training.
According to Zagitova, this happened after the injuries.
“Eteri Georgievna says I was lazy. When I got into the Tutberidze group, it seemed to me that I was squeezing the maximum out of myself. But, apparently, this was not enough. I started to get some triple jumps. And then in training I broke wrist. After that, I went to the competition with a special splint, but I also broke my leg there. I returned home to Izhevsk with two casts to recover from injuries. When the casts were removed, I practiced a little in my hometown and went back to Moscow. And at the very first training session, Eteri Georgievna said: “I’m kicking you out,” Zagitova said in an interview with 7days.ru.
“Of course, I was very upset. But what could I do? I switched to another coach at the same rink – Anna Tsareva. She took me in such a difficult period, I am very grateful to her. Izhevsk. My grandmother and I bought a bouquet, came to Eteri Georgievna to give flowers, thank her, say goodbye and say: “We are leaving Moscow, thank you for everything.” And she says: “Let’s try again.” Why did she make such a decision I don’t know,” the skater added.
Zagitova won gold at the 2018 Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea in single skating, and also took silver in team competitions, in addition, the 19-year-old figure skater is the 2019 world champion in Saitama, Japan. Zagitova suspended her professional career in 2019.



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