Zenit – Fakel – 2: 0, video, goals of Bakaev and Cassierra, match review and statistics, August 31, 2022, Russian Cup

Semak came up with a new scheme for Zenit in front of Spartak. Even Bakaev was good!

Andrey Romanov

Andrey Romanov

Semak came up with a new scheme for Zenit

And the new Brazilian goalkeeper Ivan scored a cool save.

Zenit won in the first round of the Russian Cup against Fakel and now shares the lead in its group with Spartak.

Sergei Semak changed the basis in the cup match more than Guillermo Abascal before the game Spartak – Zenit. Of those who came out in the starting lineup in the last round of the RPL, today only Douglas Santos played from the first minutes.

Finally, the new Brazilian goalkeeper Ivan made his debut in the St. Petersburg team. Unexpectedly, Claudinho got into the application of the blue-white-blues, who, after an injury, was not expected even in the Derby of the Two Capitals. Fakel coach Oleg Vasilenko also changed a large group of players who participated in the meeting with Spartak.

Semak came up with an interesting tactical scheme for the match with Fakel. Zenit seemed to play 3-4-2-1: Chistyakov, Alip and Adamov – in the center of defense, Sutormin and Krugovoi – “krai”, Douglas Santos and Erokhin – center haws, Bakaev and Mantuan – insiders, Cassierra – center forward. However, when in possession of the ball, the blue-white-blues were reorganized into four defenders. Adamov moved to the right flank, Sutormin went to the center of the field, and Erokhin rose higher. Thus, Zenit got an additional figure in front – Erokhin, with his height and ability to complete attacks with a hit on the touch, is very useful in someone else’s penalty area. The experiment, judging by the game, worked well.

Zenit constantly attacked, as they used to do in the best squad. Ivan did not have the opportunity to show himself in the first half hour, even if Fakel played two forwards. And only in the 32nd minute, after a cross and Shavaev’s header, the Brazilian stepped in: he made a cool save, stopping the ball actually on the goal line. By this time, the champions of Russia were already winning with a score of 1:0. Bakaev scored. Zelimkhan was active, even in the debut of the match he could earn a penalty (perhaps he outplayed, falling in the Torch penalty area), and then he successfully shot from behind the penalty area – the ball rebounded from Cassierra into the net.

In this goal, some unkind irony of fate was felt. Cassierra cannot score for Zenit in any way, and even here the ball, although it flew into the Fakel goal from his foot, should be recorded on Bakaev. But the Colombian still interrupted his dry streak! St. Petersburg earned a lot of standards, and in the 34th minute, Cassierra, after a corner kick, accurately hit his head. Perhaps he won the duel against Dashaev with a foul, but the referee did not see the violation, and the VAR system was not brought to the game in St. Petersburg.

After the break, Fakel tried to improve ball control in order to have a chance to get away from defeat. But Voronezh had a hard time getting out from under the pressure of Zenit. The Russian champions completely dominated, playing the second squad, which no longer included Douglas Santos – the captain left the field after 45 minutes (instead of the Brazilian, Kuzyaev came out, who was injured and asked for a replacement in half an hour). However, Fakel created its own scoring chance when the young midfielder Chernyakov fired powerfully from behind the penalty area. Ivan dragged again.

Zenit became the best in Europe 14 years ago.  Where are the heroes of the final against Manchester United now?
Zenit became the best in Europe 14 years ago. Where are the heroes of the final against Manchester United now?

The Brazilian goalkeeper, rented by Zenit, made an application for a place at the base. Like Mantuan, Gustavo, perhaps, was more involved in the game than Bakaev, although he did not score today with effective actions, unlike the ex-Spartak player. Their competitor Mostovoy almost scored with his first touches. Andrei prepared a great moment for himself, improved his position, but hit the post. After that, the advantage suddenly passed to Fakel. The Voronezh team seized the initiative, earning corners one after another, but Ivan didn’t need any more saves.

Oddly enough, according to statistics, Vasilenko’s team even beat Zenit: shots – 8:11 (on target – 4:5). However, this is one case where the numbers are misleading. Semak’s team, based on the created scoring chances, could win even bigger. The ex-goalkeeper of the farm club “Zenith” Gorodovoy also deserved a fairly high rating, like his colleague Ivan. In the second round of the group stage of the Russian Cup, the Petersburgers will play on September 14 in Samara with Krylya Sovetov. And Fakel will meet with Spartak in Moscow the next day.

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