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Zenit – Krylya Sovetov – 3: 0, video, goals by Andrey Mostovoy and Daler Kuzyaev, match review, July 22, 2022, RPL


Two penalties defeated the rival Zenit. The champion pushed the “Wings” from his place

Anatoly Romanov

Three goals and three injuries – the result of the match in St. Petersburg.

Zenit won the first victory in the championship. The Semak team again won big in St. Petersburg, as in the match for the Russian Super Cup with Spartak.

After a draw in Khimki, Sutormin, Sergeev and Chistyakov dropped out of Zenit. The first two sat down on the bench, and the third fell ill and did not get into the application at all, as did the Brazilian newcomers of the team who arrived in St. Petersburg the other day – goalkeeper Ivan and midfielder Mantouan (heals an injury). Pinyaev was absent from Wings of the Soviets: the 17-year-old winger dropped out for a long time due to pneumothorax.

Match for the big transfer. Wings of the Soviets player can sell himself to Zenit

To tune in to the game, the champions of Russia had only to look at the table. In the usual place of “Zenith” were just “Wings of the Soviets”. And the Petersburgers played today with a completely different attitude than in Khimki. They took advantage of the fact that Samarans did not want to deviate from their style, unlike Khimki, they got involved in open football and gave Semak’s team space and time.

Zenit’s first attempt to earn a penalty failed – referee Chistyakov did not believe Kuzyaev. But five minutes after the start of the match, the referee from Azov still appointed the 11th meter into the gates of the guests. The VAR system should have checked this point. The repetition showed: although the ball hit the hand after bouncing off the ground, Kovalenko moved his hand towards the ball. Lomaev made a cool save, parrying Mostovoy’s shot from the “point”, but did not save him from a missed goal. It is not clear why the goalkeeper complained to the referee when the episode ended.

Before the kick, none of the hosts ran into the penalty area, Mostovoy himself managed to catch the ball on the rebound before Lomaev.

Six minutes later, Zenit scored the second goal from the penalty spot. There was nothing to see here: Yakuba was late and drove into Malcolm. It is possible that the damage received before was reflected in the actions of the centrifuge. As soon as the score became 2:0, Yakub was changed. Interestingly, before the break, Kuzyaev, who converted the 11-meter goal, did not finish the game either.

The station wagon, covering the right flank of the defense, slipped out of the blue and was injured.

Zenit completely controlled the game, and the Samara team often failed to keep up with the speed of the champion and fouled.

The statistics of blows at the break spoke about everything – 8:0 (on target – 5:0). Petersburgers had the ball 63% of the time. In half an hour, the Semak team brought the matter to a rout: Mostovoy scored a double. The winger of the Russian national team did a great job of this moment. It all started with pressure and selection of Andrey in someone else’s half of the field (Ezhov gaped), and after that Mostovoy came up with a beautiful combination with the participation of Malcolm and Claudinho.

From the first minutes of the second half, the game went virtually without the middle of the field. “Wings of the Soviets” ran into the attack with a group of five or six people, and the Zenit, intercepting or taking the ball away, immediately flew into a counterattack. The fan loves this kind of football with a lot of ball transitions, without extra passes across and back. Shortly after the break, the Samarans fired on Odoevsky’s goal for the first time – Kovalenko had a chance to correct his mistake and return the intrigue. But the talented midfielder was not lucky, he “shot” past the target.

Center forward Cassierra, who first appeared at the heart of Zenit, was liked, despite the fact that he did not score. The Colombian moved a lot, acted effectively in accompaniment (86% of accurate passes), could score – he hit Lomaev’s goal four times. Cassierra’s goals with such a game will undoubtedly come. Moreover, Artyom Dziuba’s successor has already scored against Red Star in an international friendly match and Spartak in the Russian Super Cup.

The Colombian ran back for 70 minutes, and then Semak released the ex-forward of the Wings of the Soviets Sergeyev.

A quarter of an hour before the end happened the biggest trouble for Semak in this match. Claudinho suffered an injury (probably to the hamstring) and asked for a replacement. However, the Brazilian himself left the field, without the help of doctors, so perhaps his injury is not too serious. Krylya Sovetov finished the match with two inaccurate shots. “Zenith” struck 14 (on target – 6). Sergeev was close to a goal for his former team, but Lomaev abruptly stopped the attacker, jumping out of the gate – in this round, the Samara goalkeeper again entertained the audience with a tackle outside the penalty area.


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