Hardik Pandya is being questioned lot due to his Poor Performance

Hardik Pandya joined Mumbai Indians in 2024 as an all-rounder. Hardik Pandya had the lowest batting average while batting and whenever he went to bowl. Hardik Pandya had the highest strike rate at that time.

Hardik Pandya
Hardik Pandya (Image source: Twitter)

When Hardik Pandya was the captain of Gujarat. Then he fought in every match and after seeing that people said bro make me captain. But when he joined Mumbai Indians lost five out of eight matches and today his team is below Gujarat.

Now Hardik Pandya was struggling in every match. He is staying in Gujarat, he is now facing many questions. The biggest thing is that the man who came to replace Rohit Sharma is now from the Mumbai Indians team.

Talks started about his replacement in India. Hardik Pandya’s amazing story. He won the toss and decided to bat. It’s good, but when the wickets fell while batting, he sent Mohammad Nabi ahead of himself.

Everyone is saying that his confidence has decreased so much that he does not go to bat himself and sends others and when he comes into bat if runs are needed, he plays slowly and when he has to give the finishing touch in the match, he ends the match.

This time also he did the same, scored 10 runs on 10 balls, wasted two reviews and whenever he came to bowl, he conceded 21 runs in two overs.

Now this is a problem for Team India. Is Hardik Pandya failing with the bat and the ball? He is a complete failure and his captaincy is bad.

Hardik Pandya has failed in terms of batting and has also failed in terms of bowling. He has also lost his confidence due to all these poor performances and his captaincy skills have gone down a lot due to which many questions are now being thrown at him by the audience.

Hardik Pandya dropped Akash Madhwal from the match due to which many questions are coming to him as to why he dropped him from the match. It is also known that he dropped that Akash Madhwal used to listen to Rohit Sharma.

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