Such a weirdly out-of-the-box batsman can be sure that no one can see

In the second innings, Indian performer Akshar Patel made the most number of seven wickets in his state. Later behind than Durham’s batsmen came out not in the distance off from speaking the arena, no performer was skillful to con back ease.

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A fun video of county cricket along along along amid Yorkshire and Durham has surfaced in Birmingham, England. In this video, the bowler dismissed the batsman back this, perhaps in the p.s. a batsman has not been out of the hands of such bowlers! In fact, in the fourth innings of the acquiesce, the spin bowler bowled the ball to the batsman. The batsman speedily batched the ball to take leisure doings the shot but the ball hit the fielder’s head in the side and jumped above showground. The shocking work up is that the ball has come in the speak to bowlers’ hands. This is incredibly a batsman out. A video of the cumulative incident has furthermore emerged. In this video of seven seconds, apart from the wicketkeeper, two fielders are standing in the slip though one fielder is standing in a shotgun wearing a helmet. During this, the bowler throws the ball, the batsman runs the bat faster and the ball goes straight into the fielder’s helmet standing in the shot-leg and the ball gets bouncing. The ball reached the bowler, who catches the batsman and made the batsman control.

Let us know that four-daylight county cricket was played with Yorkshire and Durham regarding September 4. In the first innings, Yorkshire scored 310 runs at a loss of 10 wickets. Jonathan Trott has scored the most runs in the first innings of the team. He scored 79 runs in 154 balls when 13 fours. In include, Chris Wies remained unbeaten on the subject of 54 runs. In the come to an agreement Indian artiste Akshar Patel took two wickets in his message. Later, I Durham scored 292 runs for batting. Most runs scored by Will Smith He scored 45 runs in 84 balls. During this, he along with hit six boundaries.

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In the second innings, Yorkshire made 199 runs to bat. Although none new than Sam Hain could operate adeptly Sam made 58. In the second innings, Indian artiste Akshar Patel made the most number of seven wickets in his publicize. Later considering Durham’s batsmen came out upon the showground, no player was able to put-on expertly. Eight Batsmen were out upon 115 However, there was no decision of the accede proud and the pull was.

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